Father’s Day Gift

DIY Tuesday: Father’s Day Gift Idea

Need a low-cost yet special gift for Dad? I’ve got an idea for you!

This is what the kids and I have done most years. Photos of the kids spelling “DAD” which we place in a simple frame. Jeff has always had room to display items around his desk at work and this fits the bill perfectly!

What you’ll need:

– camera and printer (or send out to walgreens for printing)

– a wood “D” and a wood “A” (you’ll just need one D unless you want to have them hold three letters in one photo!) Our letters are nothing special. I left them natural though they’d look great in bright white or a fun color as well. All sorts of typefaces are available these days (see below for fun options)!

Super easy! Just have your kids play around with holding the letters. Take loads of photos so that you can move them around and see which ones work best in your DAD arrangement. I have found that trying to keep the letter about the same size in each photo helps to make DAD more readable but sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got. Some years go better than others depending on the age of your children.

If you have three children, have them each hold one. Two children can do like I did…an individual shot of each and one with both children. More than that? How about doing a shot of the girls with the D, all with the A, and boys with the D? No matter how many children you have, there are ways to work it out nicely.
Simple, cheap and special father’s day gift idea

We simply print standard 4 x 6 prints and use the same frame year after year. Replacing the previous years photos. I suppose the downfall of this gift is that Jeff knows what he’s getting each year and has to bring the frame home prior to Father’s Day but he loves it no matter. Our frame had a precut mat with three openings. It’s perfect and seems to be a standard frame at most discount and craft stores. I believe I got ours at Hobby Lobby.

Frugal yet Fabulous DIY gift for Father’s Day

Another option would be to create a single 8 x 10 inch collage (like my graphics in this blog post). Open an 8 x 10 document in your photo editing software (or other standard frame size). Arrange your three photos side by side and type “Happy Father’s Day” below it if you like. Print out and frame!

I browsed around the internet for some letter options. Though I think I’ll continue to use the ones we started with, all these fun ones make me wonder if I should mix it up this year for Father’s Day!

Wire wall letters from Pottery Barn could serve a dual purpose! You’d need to dress your kids in white to make the wire show up I think, but could be cool!
Father’s Day photo gift idea

Love the simple lines of these rustic wood letters. Currently out of stock, but would be easy for a do-it-yourselfer to make something similar.

From one of my favorite stores, these zinc letters from Anthropologie would be classy!

And I was looking for Anthropologie’s bright fabric letters but it looks like they are discontinuing them. Here are some similar letters by Etsy seller domesticdelight. These would be make some fun vibrant photos!

Hope your men have wonderful Father’s Day! Hmmm, I better get to work on our DAD photos for this year!

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