Ruffle Rose Throw Blanket

Ah! Finally got back to the original idea which inspired my ruffle rose scarves.

Last year about this time, while playing around with felted wool scraps, I began this blanket idea. And finished just one row. When I realized what a wonderful scarf that one row made, I kept going with the scarves (made and sold 400!) but never went back to creating the original throw blanket idea.

But here it is finally! Making this intricate blanket was time consuming but the outcome was well worth it. Seeing that navy is replacing blacks and browns as a updated neutral, I chose all navy tones. Intermixing them made for a wonderfully eclectic throw.

Size: 60″ x 30″

Fabric: recycled sweaters which I felt in very hot water. These are all 100% wool and wool blends which have a 80% or higher wool content. So…very little synthetic fiber!

Available in my etsy shop.

And if you hadn’t seen them yet…the first round of 2010′s scarves are ready here on this website. Click the links at the upper left to view all sorts of colors and lengths. That Funky Boutique rolled rose scarves.